June 2, 2017

#CB2017 Results

In case you didn’t get to check out Combo Breaker, our players have decorated quite a number of the upper brackets for MKXL, Street Fighter V and Injustice 2. With league points for the Capcom Pro Tour and Injustice 2 Pro Series on the line, Team Noble made certain to bring its A-game.

Noble Tweedy, proud Kryptonian warrior (okay, okay, a Superman player), ran into an early roadblock in the form of NASR Tekken Master (who finished in second place), but he recovered quickly enough to send a number of players packing, including BxA Jackal and Grr, the latter being a top-notch Bane player from the prequel to Injustice 2. His perseverance led him to break into the Top 48 from the Loser’s side, where he confronted a top-tier zoning specialist named Playing To Win, formerly a Sinestro player and now a representative of Doctor Fate. Tweedy tried valiantly to bulldoze his way in with the air dash, but P2W kept him at bay while preserving a healthy life lead. Tweedy eventually ran out of fuel and finished in 33rd place despite a well-fought exhibition. As a side-note, Tweedy also crept into the Top 24 bracket for Mortal Kombat XL, where he finished in 17th. With a hefty number of players having signed up for MKXL despite the arrival of Injustice 2, Tweedy has proven that his instincts as a Kenshi player have not deserted him.

As another of the next-generation layers entering Injustice 2’s arena, Dragon has exceeded quite a number of expectations with his performance at Combo Breaker. His combination of Aquaman and Poison Ivy ensured Mother Nature’s cooperation, which propelled him right into Winner’s Top 8. With victories over KDZ and NS DJT, the former being the first EVO champion for Injustice 1, Dragon’s confidence rocketed into the heavens. However, despite his efforts to win a zoning battle he could not clutch it out against MF Slayer’s Black Adam. He would not be spared from his irritation with the character as he confronted Circa Forever King in the Loser’s side, but he had his pocket Aquaman prepared for the match-up. Unfortunately, a sequence of dropped combos ultimately cost him against King, yet he still finished in 5th place, a result that is more than respectable considering his debut in competitive Injustice 2. We expect to see him causing more chaos at future events including CEO 2017! Additionally, his efforts in MKXL saw the same result as his comrade Tweedy: 17th place.

Next in line is our Scarecrow specialist, Noble Toxin. Having been on a hiatus since Kumite in Tennessee 2017, he came springing back into action looking like he never left! Although with his focus on a brand-new game, it would be intriguing to see how far his competitive drive would take him. After taking the victories against Pygmy Potato and Elevate Grief, he fell 0-3 to Godspeed, a Top 8 finisher in the first Evolution bracket for Injustice 1. Not one to be deterred, Toxin bowled down Freddy Marvel and Rico Suave 3-0 to proceed to the Loser’s side of Top 48, where he proceeded to collect more scalps to add to his growing collection. His Scarecrow left FrightNightTV and BxA Burrito Voorhees petrified from fear, but KDZ would not be hindered by such a weakness, as he demonstrated in a ground-breaking set which resulted in Toxin’s elimination. He concluded his Injustice 2 run with a 17th place finish, two matches away from a Top 8, despite the growing consensus that Scarecrow is a limited character compared to the remainder of the roster. It’s doubtful that we’ve seen the fullest extent of Toxin’s potential with the character!

Noble iLuusions kept up a flawless run in MKXL until his loss to BxA Starcharger in Winner’s, but due to the new rule that advances three players per pool, he proceeded to Top 24 without the need to play the Loser’s Finals of his pool. iLuusions eliminated Big D 3-1 to keep himself in the game only to be eliminated by KHAOTIC Damaja afterward. With a respectable 13th place finish under his belt, he turned his focus towards Injustice 2. Once recognized as a Green Arrow specialist from the online days of Injustice 1, he came to Combo Breaker packed with Oliver Queen and a pocket Batman. After earning the W over Eyeconic, oD Atai and CrazySteady, MF Slayer gatekept him at Winner’s Finals of his pool, but once again iLuusions advanced to Loser’s Top 48 without playing a second finals set. Despite the loss marring his record, Perfect Legend and KevoDaMan were shown the door when they crossed Luu’s path in the bracket – talk about a bulls-eye with Green Arrow! However, Jeremiah’s Aquaman served as an efficient counter to both of his characters, and unfortunately Luu could not overcome the match-up deficit, so he walked away from Combo Breaker with another 13th place finish. As one of Injustice 1’s legacy players, we’ll be looking forward to his appearance at future tournaments!

Having announced his return at ESL’s King of the Hill session with quite the fanfare, Pig of the Hut came to Combo Breaker fully intent on delivering a message to his opponents, but his first match featured one of Chicago’s hometown heroes (see what we did there?!) by the name of GGA Jeremiah. Pig’s Atrocitus took an early lead, but Jeremiah’s adaptation shone through, picking apart the holes in Pig’s offense. Entering Loser’s Bracket right after your first match is never a welcome experience, but with years of tournament experience under his belt, Pig fully embraced the fury of the Red Lantern to stay alive in the tournament. Players such as Kinetic Skeezer, Crazy Raw Dog 88 and Ostin would receive no mercy as Pig eliminated each of them to enter the Loser’s side of Top 48, and he went on to avenge his teammate Tweedy by overpowering Playing To Win, proving that he truly is the superior zoner. However, he found himself at a loss on how to combat D.R. Gross’s Green Lantern (or White Lantern, technically). Pig fought well but took a 17th place finish for the Injustice 2 Pro Series’s first event. You cannot deny that his amazing recovery after the first match demonstrates a steely composure constructed by years of exposure to tournament environments, so we’re excited to see him hit the stage – or wrestling ring – at CEO 2017 in June!

Finally, we have Noble Vagabond competing not in NRS games, but in SFV, for a chance at qualifying for Capcom Cup’s 2017 bracket. With a good number of high placings in his name, Vagabond was instantly recognized as one of the threats inside an approximate 700-man bracket at Combo Breaker. Alexis Pinto had a solid answer to his strategy, however, and it was enough to drop him into Loser’s but not enough to discourage him. He qualified into the second phase of pools by eliminating Perfect Legend’s Urien. After a close call in his match with BxA Mo-Joe, Vagabond eliminated him 2-1 before falling short against ElitheCurry, just outside of Top 48 territory. As such, he ended his run at 49th, a strong result when you consider that the bracket was loaded with hundreds of Street Fighters, many of which were veterans from the Street Fighter 4 series. Vagabond’s quest in the Capcom Pro Tour continues!

We’re proud of our crew’s amazing showing at Combo Breaker and we fully intend to continue stepping up our game! If you’d like to experience the excitement from their matches, you’re free to check out Netherrealm’s Twitch archives as well as the .

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