April 22, 2017

Latest Results from NCR2017 & CEO Dreamland

Last weekend, Team Noble opted to split its forces across the West Coast and the East Coast!

Two high-profile events transpired simultaneously in Florida and California. NorCal Regionals took place in the latter state with a qualifying spot for the Capcom Cup up for grabs. This being the case, our comrades Vagabond and Nightmare2450, who share the same main (Necalli) for Street Fighter V, flocked to the West Coast in an effort to snatch the slot for themselves.

Nightmare experienced a rough start in his pool by losing to Rambro in his first match. However, this only strengthened his resolve to overcome the competition. Throughout his journey in Loser’s Bracket, he eliminated FGC Jard, NO RESPECT, TheWhiteShadow, DespairSyndrome and Desolaught. His impressive streak rewarded him with a rematch against Rambro, and this time it was Nightmare who emerged victorious! This achievement brought him to Loser’s Finals of his pool, where he would face EG Chris G for the chance to qualify for the Top 32 finals. Unfortunately, while he put up a valiant effort, Chris’s Guile eliminated him. Nightmare’s 33rd place finish has earned him five League Points for the Capcom Pro Tour leaderboards.

As for Vagabond, he collected an impressive handful of scalps along his quest to the Top 32 finals. After defeating Ultra Bronze, he came across Poongko and managed to come out on top. Two more victories would bring Vagabond to Winner’s Finals of his pool, where he would face Splyce’s Fchamp in a very hype match-up featuring Necalli and Dhalsim. Despite Fchamp’s remarkable adjustments, Vagabond took the set 2-1 to proceed to the NorCal Regionals Top 32 bracket! His first match there would be against none other than Daigo Umehara, whom Vagabond previously eliminated at last year’s Red Bull Proving Grounds. Having made the decision to drop Ryu, we saw Daigo bust out his Guile instead. Although he kept his gameplan simple yet effective, Vagabond triumphed over the Beast for a second time. Unfortunately, both Fuudo and Bonchan  put a stop to his win streak after quite the remarkable matches. As much as he’d hoped to go further, his 9th place finish nets him 70 CPT points, which gives him a healthy chance at qualifying for the Cup by way of the global leaderboards!

Unfortunately, the Capcom Fighters archives are locked out to those not subscribed. But while we were unable to locate footage of Nightmare’s matches on YouTube, we do have Vagabond’s matches with Fchamp, Daigo and Bonchan to share with the readers! Skip to the following times to watch his gameplay!

22:17 – FChamp vs. Vagabond
2:07:45 – Daigo vs. Vagabond
3:07:54 – Fuudo vs. Vagabond
3:25:38 – Nash vs. Vagabond


Readers can learn about the full results for NorCal Regionals 2017 by going to this page at the Capcom Pro Tour website.

For those wondering, Vagabond will be attending Dreamhack Austin next weekend to try again at grabbing a spot in the Capcom Cup! Check out the Dreamhack website for more information!

Meanwhile, Mr. Alex Jebailey hosted CEO Dreamland at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando. With Civil War now a distant memory in the hearts of the Smash community, a handful of the best Smashers in the business flocked to the Dreamland to continue satisfying their lust for competition. Noble Manny and Sol were very eager for this opportunity to test themselves against the best, so they’ve made the journey to Orlando to compete in singles and doubles brackets for Smash Wii-U!

Noble Manny, known to be a Sonic specialist, teamed up with Phuzix for Doubles, but the duo fell three matches short of escaping their pool. To make up for this, Manny kept a consistent streak throughout his Singles bracket the next day by taking out MON0, A*G*O and Chez, but his consistency crumbled against PG Rich Brown (Mewtwo). However, due to the high number of entrants for Smash Wii-U, players need only make Winner’s Finals or Loser’s Finals to be guaranteed a spot in Top 48, and so Manny sped on to the next phase from the Loser’s side. Not one to be discouraged, Manny readjusted his gameplay so as to offer better counters against the opposition. Three consecutive victories propelled him straight into the lower echelon of the Top 16, where he would face CaptainZack (Bayonetta). After such a display of skill, Zack took it 3-0, but the matches themselves were fiercely competitive. Manny takes home a 13th place finish with his head held high!

You can see Manny’s pools match with PG Rich Brown below, as well as a link to a Twitch archive containing the Top 16 match with CaptainZack (skip to 11:54:20 in the archive to find it).

Manny vs. Captain Zack (11:54:20) – https://www.twitch.tv/videos/135792029

As for Noble Sol, he also managed to qualify into the Top 48 after being sent to Loser’s side by MVG Scatt, one of Atlanta’s highest-level Smashers. In spite of this setback, Sol eliminated Duffo and Mute Ace to proceed to the next chapter of the Dreamland event. His first opponent in Top 48 was FX Karna. Sadly we were not able to see any of Sol’s matches in the broadcasts at the VG BootCamp and CEOGaming Twitch channels, but we do know that Sol dragged the set out to three games before ultimately losing to Karna. Out of 376 entrants, Sol walks away with a 33rd place finish. The competition better be wary of his next appearance in the Smash brackets, as well as Manny’s!

The Top 48 bracket for Smash Wii-U Singles can be found here. Additionally, to see the full archives for Smash Wii-U at Dreamland, head to these links:


Overall, our players gave a strong showing this weekend! With tournaments happening literally every week, we are always striving to evolve our gameplay while overcoming one titan after another. You can rest assured that when the next major event rears its head, the crew will be there to amaze you!

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