July 2, 2016

LOU’s Insight on Patch 3.11 & Weekly Matches

With the start of week 3, came a new patch, 3.11, which included some interesting changes to items such as mark of the vanguard, executioner, and Soul Reaver and adjustments to gods such as Susano. With the patch hitting a day before our match against soar, we were looking to take advantage of the new items and balance changes, by buying mark of the vanguard on both our solo laner, and our support. ( +10 Physcial Protection + 5HP5 +150 Health and reduces all damage taken by 5)

We also bought Executioner, which also recently received a buff, to 12% per stack for a max of 3 stacks, it also makes the item stronger mid to late game on Adcs when against tanky targets. We weren’t too concerned about Susano after the recent nerfs, because his damage was toned down a bit. With a mix of the item changes and a few unconventional picks, we were able to take down soar 2-0 in our set. Though it is important to mention that their captain and mid laner couldn’t play the set, I give full credit to my team for playing their best, making smart decisions and an excellent job in following through on the objective calls. We’re looking to take our revenge and take games off of Eager this Sunday who are currently sitting in second at 6-2, only losing to SoaR in week 1. Player of the game w awarded to myself, on Hou Yi going 10/1/15 and Shame on Hun Batz going 6/4/12

A link to the standings and patch notes can be found below, 3.12 is currently in testing on PC!

Xbox One SCL Standings    Smite Console 3.11 Patch Notes