July 27, 2016

Patch 3.13 with xLOUx

With patch 3.13, came a lot of item changes and balance changes. Multiple items were reduced in gold cost such as Runeforged hammer, Ancile, and glowing emerald. Though some of the bigger item changes were, nerfs to soul eater, removal of power pots (both magic and physical) and the nerf to Mark of the Vanguard. With the removal of power pot, it makes starting builds for mids and junglers drastically different. The clear in the early game won’t be as strong, there may be less aggression early game due to lack of damage, early game mid or junglers will be prioritized instead of just building a power potion on every jungler/mid laner.

Moving on to the duo lane, Soul eater received a 10% nerf in healing, when the stacks are consumed and heal the player. This was much needed because adc’s were really hard to kill when they had full stacks, it”s almost as if you had to kill them twice. Rama received a buff on his 1 ( Astral arrows) Increasing the damage by 5 per level and increasing it”s slow duration to two seconds instead of one. Some other notable changes were buffs to Guan Yu’s passive and healing, decreasing the stacks of painless to 20, and slightly increases healing. The biggest change to God”s however was to Mercury. Mercury received multiple buffs, changing the duration of Maximum Velocity to 5s at all ranks, and increasing the damage, scaling, and reduced mana cost on his Special delivery. Cabracken was slightly nerfed, he was a really contested pick in the competitive scene. Some reductions in his damage, and protections. His ultimate also breaks in 3 attacks at all ranks now instead of 2/3/4/5/6.

Overall, this patch should be interesting from a competitive standpoint, the removal of power pots allows for a less snowball lead in the early game, and allows jungler clear to be more even.

Link to patch notes found here: https://www.smitegame.com/smite-console- valkyrie-reloaded- 3-13-patch-notes/