February 5, 2016

Phariss Joins Noble!

Noble e-Sports Moves Into Vainglory with Phariss

Phariss and Noble e-Sports are proud to announce that Phariss will now be joining the ranks of nobility as Noble makes a calculated move into the world of Vainglory. Phariss is no stranger to the world of streaming and has carved a reputable niche for himself out on Twitch as one of the first people cutting edge enough to stream the title.

Phariss has been a key member of Halcyon and one of the creative forces behind the Vainglory talk show The Undersprawl. He’s also been a notable element of fundraising for St Jude and Operation Supply Drop through his streaming efforts. As Phariss continues to define his media presence in both the world of gaming and live entertainment, Noble will be there every step of the way. We eagerly anticipate seeing the next time Phariss goes live on Twitch. But this time… with some shiny new Noble logos.

Welcome Phariss! And Stay Noble.

You can catch Phariss streaming on his Twitch Channel!