February 26, 2019

Noble welcomes Phazon!



Noble is rejoining Brawlhalla with a new Legend fighting in our stead – 19-year-old Vincent “Phazon” Riese, a Jiro specialist from the state of Indiana!

Phazon has competed regularly in Brawlhalla esports events since the circuit’s launch in 2016. He appeared at two consecutive World Championships for the 2017 and 2018 Brawlhalla seasons in Atlanta GA, during which he amassed three Top 8s, one for 2017 singles and one apiece for the doubles brackets in 2017 and 2018, whilst securing an additional 9th place finish in the 2018 singles bracket.

In addition to securing the gold for himself in last year’s Spring and Winter Championships (doubles brackets for both events), the young prodigy has also taken home the crown in StreamMe’s Brawlhalla Championships from last year. Phazon’s efforts combined with that of Lil Capped propelled the duo to victory against 739 other teams in the StreamMe Championship, which revolved solely around Brawlhalla Doubles competition.

While it is apparent that Phazon carries a preference for Brawlhalla Doubles, his determination to excel in singles remains as fortified as a fortress of iron. As a matter of fact, he recently acquired two Top 4 finishes in both singles and doubles for the Brawlhalla 2019 Winter Championships, a qualifying event for this year’s World Championships which are slated to take place this November in Atlanta. These results rank him above 961 other players in singles and 195 teams in doubles, marking a milestone achievement in his tireless quest for self-improvement.

Phazon will take the next step towards furthering his career by attending Final Round 2019, another qualifying event for the Brawlhalla 2019 World Championships. Though the southeastern FGC’s major event recently relocated to the Georgia World Congress Center for the past two years, Final Round will be returning to its roots at the Hilton Atlanta Airport to host a staggering 18-game lineup consisting of beloved classics and modern titles alike.

Final Round is scheduled to take place on March 15-17, 2019.

This year’s season of Brawlhalla esports offers the highest overall prize pool since its inception in 2016 – $500,000! Noble Phazon has already bitten into the pie as of two weeks ago, and you can bet that he’s hungering for another bite of it! We are excited to join with him as he prepares for another enormous wave of competition headed his way!

To follow Phazon’s journey through the free-to-play platform fighter, check him out at the following pages:

Twitter –
Twitch – twitch.tv/phazonvr

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