October 21, 2016

Pig of the Hut Joins Noble

Today, Noble eSports, LLC is pleased to announce that Brant McCaskill (aka Pig of the Hut) has joined the family as a member of the Stream Team. Brant has deemed himself a viable figure in the Mortal Kombat community with several fields of expertise in and out of the gaming world. Outside of gaming, Brant is also a family man with two kids and a very supportive wife. His long list of accomplishments can be summed up as something others try to strive for including being a 2 time ESL & 2 time EVO finalist, MLG 2012 Champion, over 28 Top 8 placements at major events across 3 different games & most importantly in our opinion, he has provided media to people all over the world while acquiring over 10,000 YouTube subscribers as well as having 10,000 followers on Twitch.


Brant mentioned “Noble has built their brand from the ground up the right way and have a variety of talent across all gaming categories. They’ve established themselves as a leader in eSports by aligning themselves with players who train hard and compete with fire. They also have brought on some of the best current and up-and-coming talent as streamers that I’m proud to be a part of.”


A quick word with the COO of  as Maze had this to say, “We’ve always admired Brant’s work ethic and we feel that he has always been a perfect fit for our family and ecstatic that he finally decided to join us. We are looking forward to working with him as we have the understanding on how each other works with the goal of growing together.”


Another comment from Brant was quoted as; “One of The most attractive aspects of joining Noble is being associated with other top players (, , , , & more) as well as fantastic streamers such as . I’m excited about what Noble brings to the table and I feel it’s a great partnership between Noble & myself. I look forward to being a part of the stream team and returning as a top competitor”.


Please welcome Brant and show support to his social media outlets with a a quick follow: