July 20, 2016

Pokemon Go Safety Tips

There are important things to remember when going out to begin your Pokemon adventure. The first and probably most important thing to remember is that we do not live in the perfect world of Pokemon.  There are real life dangers and the rules of reality do apply. That is why my first tip is to always travel with friends. Find yourself a fellow trainer and head out on the road together.

Having an extra set of eyes is never a bad thing. This will insure that you don’t get attacked and robbed by the infamous squirtle squad or Team Rocket. Keeping your travel partner will also ensure that one of you can track Pokemon while the other watches where your party is headed. Be sure to bring supplies, Especially since it is summer, don’t forget to bring water with you. Your phone may hate water, but your body requires it to live. Also, don’t forget to take brakes. No sense getting yourself exhausted and passing out in public. There have been many reports of people either being injured or robbed while playing this game, so please play safe! If you are an adult and have children, make sure to travel with them and help keep them from danger.

This game has the fantastic ability to connect people, but let’s make sure they connect to the right people like Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy, not Jessie and James. My final tip is to use your Common Sense! This is just a game, let’s play safe and everyone can enjoy it together.

Remember, Even Ash Ketchum traveled in a party of three.

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