July 29, 2016

Pokemon NO

A few weeks back we had seen reports of the users of the wildly popular mobile app, PokémonGo, having issues with specific PokéStops as they were not your typical city landmark or historical sites, but something a little more bleek.  Some were graveyards, abandoned homes, and even memorial monuments.  As a result, the makers of PokémonGo, Niantic, included a way for you to request these PokéStops be removed and taken out of the game completely.


To request a change to the PokéStops in your neighborhood, go to Niantic’s website and fill out this support form. It asks for the reason for your request, and you can choose one of the following options:

  • Issues with Gym Battles
  • Dangerous PokéStop or Gym
  • No PokéStops or Gyms near me
  • PokéStop or Gym does not exist
  • Report a PokéStop on my personal property

If you’re trying to remove a PokéStop, you’ll need the exact name of the location — such as The White House

Well it seems we have our first complete town removal.  According to a Reddit post from colorblindmojo, his town utilized the removal process to effectually erase all the PokéStops in his town. Killing the game for the local players.  We also found another post from the handle invinsiblemii where he has the press release from the city of Rocky Mount, N.C to effectually remove all stops as well. Is this beginning of a trend? Where local communities are going to start having PokéStops removed from their area completely? We will make sure to keep you updated as we gather more information regarding this matter.