Noble welcomes Hambino and WIIll

Ready for more chicken dinners, PubG players?! We sure are!

We’re happy to announce that Sam “Hambino” Brown and Will “WIIll” Sims will be joining Boom and Edakulous on the Noble PubG roster!

Near the end of 2016, Will launched his esports career as a coach and analyst for League of Legends. He maintained his role up until the esports industry entered an era of franchising in early 2017, at which time the owners of traditional sports teams began investing into the purchase of esports teams. The young man made his departure shortly afterward, albeit he maintained a presence via management roles…that is, until he took notice of PubG’s rise through esports.

With no signs of a slowdown for PubG, Will decided to step back into the arena in early 2018, this time as a competitor. His analytical skills from his League of Legends days proved beneficial in his ability to understand what makes PubG tick. In no time at all, he evolved into a formidable threat to other PubG esports teams.

As for Hambino, he dove headfirst into the competition as a Counter-Strike 1.6 player in the Counter-Strike Source CAL Leagues. His incredible momentum carried over into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS:GO, which expanded upon the blueprint for team-based action-packed gameplay laid out by its predecessor years ago. In his Counter-Strike days, Hambino competed in invite divisions at esports leagues presented by ESEA (E-sports Entertainment Association League) and CEVO.

Hambino eventually migrated over to SMITE, a third-person multiplayer shooter designed and powered by Hi-Rez Studios. For two years, Hambino applied a professional touch to his time on the game, and then he entered into a temporary hiatus from esports. However, with the rise of PubG, also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, he is diving headlong into the title as a full-time streamer and competitor.

Both can be found streaming regularly on Twitch at their respective channels. Please consider giving them a follow at the links below to support the newest additions to the Noble family.

Hambino’s Twitter
Hambino’s Twitch
WIIll’s Twitter
WIIll’s Twitch

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