March 14, 2018

Breaking Into Rainbow Six

Today, Noble welcomes a new Rainbow 6 team to the fold!

The squad will be led by Yeti, team captain and in-game leader. Accompanying him will be the following:

  • Heavy – Flex Player
  • Mas – Slayer
  • Acid – Support
  • Rampy – Support Flex
  • Spades – 6th Man

The group initially played under the banner of an organization known as Risky Gaming. In the first open qualifier for the seventh season of ESL’s Rainbow Six Challenger League, held on the PC version of the game, the team ran into a roadblock in their match against Not Yet Labeled. As such, they were faced with the task of surviving Loser’s Bracket for seven consecutive matches before reaching Grand Finals. Not only did they succeed in doing so, they also dismantled Team UF in Grand Finals to complete their comeback and emerge victorious.

As a result, these talented players will proceed to the Challenger League later this season – we estimate at around mid-March. In the Challenger League, they’ll face off against seven other teams that have either participated in previous Challenger Leagues or met the requirements as outlined by Pro League Relegations. Each Challenger League will start in the second half of each Pro League season, which will be extended from three to six months this year, beginning with Season 8 in June.

The team will start in the Season 7 Challenger League as the fifth seed. For more information on the evolution of the ESL Rainbow Six Pro League’s structure, check out this page.

In addition to the ESL Rainbow Six League, our new team has plans to participate at their share of this year’s DreamHack events, which will now host Rainbow Six as part of their primary lineup. Included among these events are DreamHack Austin (June 1 – 3), DreamHack Valencia (July 12 – 15) and DreamHack Winter (November 30 – December 3). Similar to ESL’s version of the league, DreamHack’s tournaments will be split into two categories: closed registration for Pro and Challenger Leagues, and open registration for all other teams. The winning teams from the open qualifiers will face off against the pro teams in a heated competition that will be streamed live via the DreamHack website!

Want a front-row seat at DreamHack? Consider grabbing your tickets at!

The new Noble Rainbow 6 team has acquired a respectable amount of experience as competitors in Rainbow 6 Leagues, and that experience will only increase this year. Below is a look at their statistics regarding the number of leagues each player has participated in.

  • Yeti: one Pro League and two Challenger Leagues
  • Mas: two Pro Leagues and one Challenger League
  • Heavy: two Challenger Leagues
  • Rampy: one Challenger League
  • Acid: one Challenger League
  • Spades: two Challenger Leagues

With the train for Rainbow 6 esports picking up speed this year, we are thrilled to welcome these gentlemen into our family! Please give each of these players a follow on Twitter to show your support!


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