July 4, 2016

Ranked 5’s Return to LoL

    For a good portion of the 2016 season, the Ranked 5s queue has been disabled due to issues with Riot’s dynamic queue system which limits the players to solo, duo, and trio queues. Riots decision was based on their worry of match quality and queue times, but now we can rejoice in the return of the ability to form a team with any ranks and grind your way to the top!

The ranked 5s queue has returned with some new rules and a time restriction. The current schedule for Ranked 5s for NA is Mon-Fri 4pm – 10pm PDT and Sat & Sun 2pm – 10pm PDT.


This time restriction has also been adapted to ranked 3s queue for the 3v3 twisted treeline, which has brought a lot of concern from the 3v3 community side, but Riot has assured us that they will make adjustments to the schedule in the future. I am personally very excited for the return of the ranked 5s queue and look forward for a Noble team to make the climb!


This is saying: See you on the rift!