November 8, 2017

Results from October 2017

As we depart Halloween and take another step closer to Thanksgiving, Team Noble would like to take you guys on a stroll down memory lane as we recall our results from the weekend of October 20-22nd, which saw an intense amount of activity from Noble players attending numerous events all around the country. These included ELEAGUE’s LCQ, DreamHack Denver, the H1Z1 Legends and H1Z1 Challengers, and the Madden Classic!

We’ll start with the Madden Classic, which was the first of many major events for EA’s Madden 2018 season. Our comrade Noble Joke climbed to the top of the mountain from the lower brackets to take on a worthy adversary who went by the gamertag of Skimbo. Both players had to survive a semifinal and Wild Card round before reaching the Grand Finals, and given their success in making it into the Top 2, they have automatically qualified for the Madden Ultimate League, the pinnacle of the Madden Championship Series.

Although Joke was unable to deliver the finishing blow to Skimbo, nevertheless he is pleased with his success at making it into the final playoffs, as are we! We give the nod to Skimbo for his impressive play, and we congratulate Joke for his achievement! We’ll be excited to see him in the Championships in mid-2018!

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Next, let’s discuss the Omen Challenge, which took place at TwitchCon 2017. The event is best described as a two-hour tournament event that revolves around PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and is also known as the first ever live-action tournament to be streamed on Twitch. Why? Because the players had to contend with obstacles not just inside the game, but outside of it as well. As teams clashed with one another, they had to be wary of their opponents’ skill levels and 4D effects consisting of smoke and flashing lights that erupted on the stage itself. Even the audience had a hand in putting pressure onto the players, as they were occasionally given the choice to “torture” a team of their choosing by focusing the stage’s effects onto them.

Up to twenty teams took part in the Omen Challenge. One of these teams featured the duo of Noble Edakulous and NukemDukem. They proved to be among the best three teams that weekend, taking home third place after a long-fought campaign!

Next, we’ll make a momentary stroll through some fighting game coverage regarding DreamHack Denver. Like with their events in Atlanta and Austin, a collection of fighting game titles joined other popular esports titles at a well-designed stage where competitors’ fantasies came alive. Up to 114 entrants came by to exchange blows in Street Fighter V. However, the event was not tied to the Capcom Pro Tour, which is nearing its closure this year.

Our Vagabond stormed into DreamHack Denver, with his combination of Necalli and Akuma at the ready. After a sequence of impressive victories, he began his Top 8 run from the Loser’s side, where he took out Pokchop and Flash. Unfortunately, his streak was shattered by 801 Strider, who finished in the Top 3. As such, Vagabond took home fourth place at DreamHack Denver, leaving quite the impression on the community!

But Vagabond’s determination to make it into the Capcom Cup holds just as strong! As we speak, he is preparing himself for this year’s Red Bull Battle Grounds, which double as the North American Regional Finals for the Capcom Pro Tour this year! Should he take the victory in the Saturday qualifier next weekend, he will advance to a final bracket the following day, which will feature North America’s seven highest points earners for the CPT season in addition to Saturday’s winner.

Back to TwitchCon 2017. This time, we recall two events where the focus was on H1Z1. Over at California, Nobles Shurimawizard and MoNsTcR flocked to TwitchCon’s H1Z1 Invitational, where seventy-five of the community’s most recognized H1Z1 players would compete in a series of events that featured a $500,000 prize pool. The duo took their solo efforts to the event’s Legends Bracket, while Noble SpiritsZ made an appearance in the Challengers Bracket.

Shurimawizard experienced a rough streak throughout the three-match set in Legends, having been unable to find any kills until the third game. MoNsTcR also started off the set with no kills in Game 1, but his consistency began to shine afterward. He found a spark of momentum in Game 2, and that same spark grew into a roaring flame throughout all of the final match, where he quickly took a leading score. This drastically improved MoNsTcR’s standings in Legends, enough to finish in second place, a result that earned him a whopping $55,000!

As for the Challengers Bracket, Noble SpiritsZ qualified for the finals after playing through a series of qualifying matches in H1Z1. He kept himself in the Top 10 after the first match by securing three kills and a score of 89,610, but his consistency suffered greatly in the next match. Fortunately, he did more than redeem himself in the conclusion to the finals…he finished in third place with eight total kills, a score of 306,750 and the third-highest share of the prize in Challengers, which equaled $8,000!

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In closing, we’d like to acknowledge Noble iLuusions for his commendable effort at ELEAGUE’s last chance qualifier last month. The qualifier sought to determine the two players that would proceed to ELEAGUE’s Injustice 2 World Championships, which launched near the end of October. Sadly, Luu was eliminated by BeyondToxin while on the verge of breaking into the Top 8 at the qualifier. But the grind never stops…Luu will be more than ready to return with a vengeance next year!

We must also note that two weeks ago, Dragon made the heavy decision to depart Team Noble. While the news was difficult to swallow, we are deeply grateful for the chance to watch him grow into a champion ever since his debut in competitive Mortal Kombat X. Words cannot describe how much his relentless grind has amazed us in the past year. As the reigning champion for EVO 2017 and War of the Gods, Dragon is set to enter into the ELEAGUE finals on TBS this Friday, and we are looking forward to seeing him make an attempt to add to his championship streak!

We at Noble would like to extend our gratitude to all of our supporters! Although 2017 is close to ending, we have yet to let up in our goals to excel in esports. We’ll be looking back on the weekend of October 20-22 with broad smiles on our faces, but we’re also ready to continue proving our worth in the events to come!

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