August 16, 2017

FGC Results from SJXI & GSHH

Our team has performed admirably at both Summer Jam XI and the Hometown Heroes Regional Finals last weekend!

First off, we’re happy to congratulate Noble Tweedy for becoming Atlanta’s Hometown Hero! His victory earns him a spot in the Heroic Eight finals, which will occur in Las Vegas on August 27th. His path to glory involved battles with Fierce, Burritos (not to be confused with BxA Burrito Voorhees) and YOMI Reno Racks, who’d initially stepped in on behalf of EMPR MURK due to his inability to attend the event.

We’ll be cheering him on as he prepares for the final phase of Hometown Heroes! See below for a full list of the Heroic Eight that will battle it out for the crown at the end of the month.

To catch up on Tweedy’s victory, check out this archive from Netherrealm’s Twitch page. Atlanta’s regional finals begin at 1:31:00.

Now, we’d like to turn our attention to our results from Summer Jam XI, where three of our Injustice 2 players were busy wreaking havoc in the DC Universe. The event’s Injustice 2 finals were primarily a power struggle between Team Noble and Echo Fox, with only bc HoneyBee and Grr having no side in the conflict. The question is, which crew would prove itself to be stronger that day?

Dragon and Semiij both proceeded to Winner’s Top 8 after taking Ws against Echo Fox Theo and PG Hayatei, only to be forced into a team kill in the first round of Winner’s the next day. iLuusions descended into Loser’s Bracket after a loss to Theo’s teammate, SonicFox, but was able to make Top 8 regardless with a resounding victory over Circa Forever King.

As the Sunday finals unfolded, Semiij defeated his teammate Dragon, proceeding into Winner’s Finals. This would set the stage for yet another chapter in the story of Semiij and SonicFox, a rivalry that was born from hellfire in StreamMe’s Kombat Cup series. SonicFox had surprised everybody at Viennality with his brand new Captain Cold, but despite the recent nerfs to Catwoman, Semiij had solid answers to Sonic. It took Sonic three games to finally get a win on the board, at which point Semiij performed a feat that we rarely see from him: he switched out his Catwoman for Poison Ivy, a character he rarely uses, to abuse his apparent advantage in the match-up! Despite Sonic’s adaptation near the end, Semiij closed out the set 3-1 to make Grand Finals!

Luu’s path through Loser’s Bracket started off strong with a 3-0 victory against Beast Coast’s HoneyBee, who’d recently finished in second at Evolution 2017. This achievement caused an understandable surge in Luu’s confidence, and with a 3-1 win against his teammate Dragon, the EVO champion himself, he seemed unstoppable. Finally, Echo Fox Theo barred him from the Top 3 in Loser’s Semifinals, although it was not easily done as the set had progressed to a maximum of five games.

The Top 8 bracket had started with a team kill between SonicFox and Scar, and this scenario would repeat itself in Loser’s Finals for Theo and Sonic. However, Theo had no answer to his comrade at all. Sonic claimed the set with a perfect 3-0 to meet with Semiij for a runback. The crowd largely expected Semiij to continue his win streak, but their expectations were shattered by a sudden shift in the tide. Semiij found himself kept at bay by Captain Cold’s toolset, which included an ice puddle and an energy globe that froze any combatant daring to walk through it. It became a challenging ordeal to even approach Sonic without leaving himself open. Sonic took full advantage of his opponent’s difficulties to win the first Grand Finals set 3-1, causing a bracket reset. Even with a second set to work with, Semiij was unable to break the ice (sorry for the pun), and Sonic exacted his revenge for EVO 2017 by becoming the Summer Jam XI champion.

After a hard-fought battle, Semiij finished in second place at the event with his teammates not far behind. This result has pushed him into the Top 8 for the Injustice 2 Pro Series rankings, which means he is now within arm’s reach of qualifying for the Injustice 2 World Championship at ELEAGUE this October! See here for the updated rankings!

Want to catch up on the #IPS2017 action at Summer Jam?! See below for an archive of the Top 8!

It’s also worth noting that if Tweedy finishes in the Top 2 at the Heroic Eight finals for Hometown Heroes, he too will be invited to compete at the World Championship! We are rooting hard for our team as they continue to climb through the rankings!

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