August 10, 2016

3.14 Smite Patch Notes

With patch 3.14, came some exciting changes to items such as Death’s Toll, and Cursed gauntlet, along with the new version of power potions. Terra, a new guardian was also added in the game this patch, and she seems incredibly strong. We saw some slight buffs to Artemis, increasing her overall attack power, and attack speed per level, making her late game even stronger, though this doesn’t fix the issue with Artemis, it is a good step in the right direction. There were also some small buffs to Ra, Hercules, Mercury, with some slight nerfs to Erlang Shen and Bacchus.

However, the two gods that received the most changes were Jing Wei (Buffs) and Ratatoskr (Nerfs). JingWei received some overall quality of life buffs, which make her seem a lot stronger. She has reduced cast time on her ultimate, which allows her to escape to be more consistent, Agility is now an instant instead of a 0.2 second startup, and her bolts are 20 less mana at all ranks. Moving on to Ratatoskr, he has dominated the jungle since his rework, he has a lot of damage in his kit, along with a lot of crowd control. He is receiving nerfs to his healing from acorns from 30% to 15%, and the damage on his dash (Dart) has reduced base damage, and scaling. He will still be a very strong god, maybe we’ll see less of him in our ranked games… (Hopefully).

Some additional things to add about the patch that can change hunter builds is the fact that Deaths Toll restores 1 more mana per hit, and Devour Gloves may find it’s way back into the meta. You now have the option to start Spiked Gauntlet + Death’s Toll with two potions instead of one, increasing sustain in lane. Or because the overall price cost is slightly reduced, Boots into Devour Gloves may also be an option, considering it takes less time to farm them, stacking them shouldn’t really be an issue either.

You can fully stack them pre 20 minutes (Ideally around 15-17 minutes) without any kills, this includes farming back harpies, boars, red buff, and minion waves. This type of build can lead into more options for hunters that don’t use transcendence such as Rama, Apollo, even Anhur.

A sample build would look like this.

Death’s Toll – Boots – Devo Gloves- Ichivial – Executioner or Qins, Wind Demon, Deathbringer (Or any other crit item but this is what I prefer) and late game sell Ichivial for Titans or Exe/Qins.

Or you can start with Devo’s first, Death’s Toll – Spiked Gaunlet and potions into Devos/Boots and follow the same build. Overall this was a very solid patch, and I am excited to see how it affects the meta, for better or for worse.


A full list of changes can be found here: smite-force-of- nature-3- 14-patch- notes