Noble Announces Xbox One Smite Team

Greetings Noble fans! We’ve been chock-full of news since our 1 Year Anniversary, but we’ve still got exciting announcements coming your way! With the highly successful launch of SMITE on the Xbox One and the recently announced $150,000 invitational, we’re happy to say that we’ve picked up a roster to represent Noble eSports!


Representing Noble eSports in both online ladders such as ESNLA and the SWC Xbox Invitational is:



This roster comes from a background of competitive console shooters, and we believe that they have what it takes to make a name for themselves in this surging scene. To support Noble Smite on Xbox One, tune into their individual streams, and make sure to follow their ESNLA progress here.

Cellena Kent

Cellena Kent

Hi, I'm a professional player. I Love the MMORPG game .

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