June 5, 2019

Spring Season Updates

Hey, readers!

Noble has been having an incredibly eventful 2019 season since the start of the year.

Fasten your seat belts. It’s time for a hefty recap of Noble’s mark upon 2019 esports!

To begin with,  there have been some adjustments to our lineup that we must highlight.

After a momentary departure from Rocket League esports, we are pleased to announce our re-entry into the scene with a brand new lineup! Given the dramatic growth in the esports market since 2015, we are ready to support the newest additions to our family as they prepare to take a big step in their competitive careers!

See below for our complete RL lineup, and please be sure to follow their social media so that you can extend your support!

AlphaKep ( | Twitch)

NoxesRL ( | Twitch)

ZPS ( | Twitch)

Manager: Sheriff Fenix ( | Twitch)

In addition to serving his new role as manager for our Rocket League lineup, Sheriff Fenix is also an active participant in Noble’s stream team. If you would like to follow the rest of our streamers, see this page for the complete list.


Now we come to our PUBG division, who are actively participating in an official esports circuit founded exclusively by PUBG Corp, aptly named PUBG Global Esports.

It is a multi-segmented circuit consisting of multiple roads that will lead to the PUBG Global Championship this November! This year’s season is divided into the following:

  • NPL Pro League (Mainstream)
  • NPL Pro League Contenders


When the series kicked off last January, our Noble players seized the opportunity to secure themselves a place among the sixteen North American teams competing for the greatest chicken dinner of all – er, their share of a combined total of $400,000 to be distributed throughout the league. As of now, they are currently participating in the Contenders segment.

As the circuit continued, we welcomed two new additions to our PUBG lineup: Soup and Giraffe. However, we’ve also had to part ways with one of our longtime PUBG veterans, Boom, who’d been present to witness both our proudest moments and our greatest challenges to come.

Noble Soup – – Twitch TV

Noble Giraffe – – Twitch TV

We will forever be indebted to Boom for his countless contributions to the organization. We pray that greater opportunities await him further down the road.

Just last night, our updated lineup sprang into action for Week 3 of the NPL Contenders. The North American circuit is set to continue with its fourth showdown next weekend.

Excited for the future of PUBG Esports just like we are?! Consider following www.pubgesports.com for the latest updates concerning the series!


Now, it’s time to go over our organization’s latest milestones!

In early April, our Ring of Elysium lineup made the journey to Bangkok, Thailand to participate in the RoE Thailand Invitational. Fifteen teams spanning multiple countries sparred with one another in a series of FPP and TPP scrims that all took place on the Europa Island map. Teams built upon their scores via eliminations, boarding points and rankings.

Our lineup played their hearts out at their most challenging tournament yet, and they finished in 13th place, earning themselves 8,000 baht in the process. The victory ultimately went to China’s Team MDY, who finished ahead of all other teams with an impressive final score of 90 points and a cash prize of 500,000 baht.

Fast-forward to mid-May. Aurora Studios, the company responsible for the development of Ring of Elysium, is currently co-hosting a competitive circuit called the Ring of Elysium Competitive League, or the ROECL for short. The circuit is comprised of a series of weekly qualifiers in which North American and European teams compete to earn points in order to ensure their qualification into subsequent brackets.

On May 13th, Noble’s ROE lineup won the right to compete in the second season of the ROECL. They have since been on a tear through the circuit, as they are now sitting ahead of 29 other NA teams with an impressive score of 143 points as of last Saturday, June 1st! We are excited to see them continue to ride the momentum train into the fourth weekly qualifier, which will take place this upcoming Saturday, June 8th.

Readers are encouraged to follow on Twitter to stay informed on the latest developments concerning the ROECL!


With Mortal Kombat 11 now upon us, the NRS community is relishing in another exciting year for esports thanks largely to the MK11 Pro Kompetition Tour. Similar to the Injustice 2 Pro Series, the circuit is run by Warner Bros and Netherrealm Studios, in partnership with Intersport.

The MK11 Pro Kompetiton Tour will feature a variety of major tournaments supported heavily by the overall fighting game community, as well as online qualifiers targeting specific regions. Combo Breaker 2019, the first of those tournaments, was hosted within the home territory of MK11’s developer, Netherrealm Studios, at the Mega Center in St Charles, IL. Over 800 competitors signed up for Mortal Kombat 11, making it the most stacked bracket at Combo Breaker and therefore the title to receive the honor of the event’s primetime slot this year!

Among that number of players was three of our longtime NRS champions: Curtis “Rewind” McCall, Andrew “Semiij” Fontanez, and Tommy “Tweedy” who’d recently rejoined our lineup near the end of April (welcome back, Tweedy!). It is also worth noting that Rewind currently holds his reign as the EVO 2018 Injustice 2 champion, and also that Tweedy holds a similar title as the Combo Breaker 2018 champion. Naturally, the latter would seek to repeat history.

The competition was indeed grueling, but by the end of the Top 8 qualifiers, we were beside ourselves with joy to see Semiij and Tweedy standing alongside the best of the best atop Combo Breaker’s decorative stage. Both finished within the Top 4 of the bracket, with Tweedy taking third place and Semiij finishing in fourth. As for Rewind, he would end his run at 25th place out of over 800 players. You can watch all of the action on our , be sure to hit the subscribe button too!

Prior to Combo Breaker however, a portion of Noble’s NRS lineup took part in Beyond The Summit’s first sojourn into NRS esports: the Summit of Time. A collection of the NRS community’s most notable icons would flock to BTS’s headquarters in California to share an amazing showcase of high-level Mortal Kombat 11 since its release on April 23rd.

Included among those icons was sixteen of the NRS community’s strongest competitors from around the globe. Ten would be invited directly by BTS, four more would be voted in by the community, and the last two would qualify via special brackets hosted at Wednesday Night Fights in Orange County CA and Next Level Battle Circuit in New York.

Tweedy was guided into the Summit of Time by a tremendously supportive community. Semiij was not voted in, but he earned his qualification into the Summit by making it into the Grand Finals segment of NLBC’s MK11 bracket.

Both made the journey to Los Angeles for their biggest showdown yet.

The greater majority of the bracket consisted of new blood and familiar challenges for our champions. To the surprise of virtually no-one, Semiij and Tweedy contested every match as if they were fighting for the right to be crowned the Evolution champion. By the time the fog stirring from their battle receded, Semiij had earned himself a 5th place finish whereas Tweedy’s run ended at 9th.

All look forward to what’s next and are now gearing up for CEO 2019, the next milestone in the MK11 Pro Kompetition Tour. CEO itself returns to Daytona’s Ocean Center near the end of June to celebrate its tenth anniversary.


Before diverting our attention from the FGC, we’ll take a step back into April 2019 to recount Vincent “Phazon” Riese’s achievement at the Brawlhalla Spring Championship, an online bracket that ties into this year’s Brawlhalla Esports season. Like with similar events, a $20,000 prize pool provided by Blue Mammoth Games would be split 50:50 between the Brawlhalla singles and doubles brackets.

Out of over 800 players who’d signed up for the Spring Championship, Phazon finished his singles run at 9th place but won the doubles bracket alongside his partner Remmy! This victory would prove incredibly instrumental in ensuring their qualification into the Brawlhalla 2019 World Championships, which returns to DreamHack Atlanta, the world’s premiere gaming lifestyle festival, at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Later in May, Phazon further added to his doubles streak by dominating the Brawlhalla bracket at the Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel Championship, another online bracket that offered a prize pool not unlike the one up for grabs in the Spring Championship. Once again, he teamed with Remmy to secure the gold.

When DreamHack Dallas 2019, the first of a series of major LAN events for Brawlhalla to take place this year and a fresh substitute for its predecessor in Austin TX, rolled around last weekend, Phazon and his teammate Remmy sought to perform a three-peat performance. Unfortunately, they fell short of that goal by a millimeter in their Grand Finals set with Sandstorm and Boomie, who went on to become the DreamHack Dallas champions. Given the event’s affiliation with Brawlhalla Esports, Phazon and Remmy won a respectable portion of a $20,000 prize pool offered at DreamHack – $2,000 to be precise.

Unsurprisingly, the quartet met once again in the Top 8 finals for the singles bracket but as opponents this time around. Noble Phazon secured himself a 7th place finish as well as $280, whilst his teammate Remmy settled firmly on 4th place.

While we are discussing Brawlhalla Esports, we would like to point out that a player’s performance in any affiliated event will influence their standings in the Brawlhalla Power Rankings, a system that tracks their overall results and prize earnings. Currently Phazon is sitting among the Top 5 in the Power Rankings having accrued 29 Top 8s, 43 Top 32s, and seven tournament victories! This puts him in a comfortable position to qualify alongside 31 other players for the Brawlhalla World Championships at DreamHack Atlanta!

The Brawlhalla Power Rankings can be reviewed in their entirety at this page.


Next up, we must note a minor adjustment to our Madden lineup.

Every year, a new Madden title hits the market, and so the esports ecosystem for the Madden community is constantly shifting. In 2019, Michael “Prodigy” Scott represented the brand whilst SteveyJ stepped away to take a break. During his time with Noble, Prodigy took home 9th place in the Madden 2019 Classic event which awarded him over $3,500 late last year. Then in March, he competed in the Madden 19 Challenge in which he did very well, acquiring a 5th place finish and netting himself $10,000 as a result.

Now that events are completed for the Madden 19 game, Prodigy is exploring the market heading into the next release in August.

We wish him the best of luck in his search and appreciate the knowledge he gave to us about the Madden scene.

As for an update with SteveyJ, he remains with us, so look forward to Noble’s continued involvement with Madden esports when the Madden NFL 2020 iteration arrives later this August!

Effective this week, Noble has transferred its Guns of Boom lineup (Nok1a, KM, Migs and Gonza) and this decision also marks our temporary departure from the hotshot mobile game’s esports scene until further notice.

We signed the quartet as our first official mobile esports lineup shortly after their participation in the first season finale of the ESL Guns of Boom circuit. A second season for the circuit is now underway featuring a total of $500,000 distributed throughout an ongoing series of brackets.

Before we parted ways, Noble bore witness to a triumphant victory taken by its GoB lineup. The Lazarus organization had been a longtime obstacle to our players, but on March 1st, they finally overcame their demon to defeat Lazarus at a kick-off event by ESL! More recently, the GoB lineup had taken the lead in the European standings for the ESL circuit, leading Lazarus by 25 points over their score of 75.

Noble is honored to have borne witness to their evolution within such a short span of time, and we truly wish them the best!


Finally, we want to share a handful of goals that have been achieved by our streamer lineup!

Near the end of April, Xanadu Games partnered with Laurel Park to present the first-ever competitive speed-running event that would be streamed live: PACE 2019! Taking place in the state of Maryland, speed-runners from all over the country, Noble’s own TGH included, congregated at Xanadu to put their skills to the ultimate test in three separate titles: Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario 64, and Celeste!

Approximately 140 speed-runners participated in this monumental convention, including TGH. He swiftly bull-dozed his way into the Final 4 Group Stage for the Celeste bracket, where he concluded his run with a convincing victory! In doing so, he also served as the catalyst for one of the most epic occasions to unfold in the history of speed-running.

TGH’s defining moment can be glimpsed in the Twitter post below.

Prior to PACE 2019, Noble Angelo aka set a record by streaming for a combined total of 570 hours within the span of 31 days. It should be noted that he holds the world record for the most hours spent streaming within 30 days…551 hours, to be exact! So it will come as no surprise to us should he shatter his own record in the near future.

You can catch Angelo’s streams at twitch.tv/acidtonex58.

Psssst! For any of you Smash Ultimate players out there, Angelo has previously hosted online lobbies specifically for his Twitch subscribers! Having competed since Smash 4, he is regarded as one of the higher-level Captain Falcon players. For some hands-on experience with one of the best, we definitely recommend following his Twitch channel (linked above)!



With that, our mid-2019 recap post comes to a close. But rest assured that Noble will continue to diligently provide updates on our journey through esports! As always, we are immensely proud of the evolution our players, streamers and staff alike have undergone!

Should you wish to keep up with Noble, follow all of our social media below!




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