January 5, 2017

Streamer Spotlight – Kyente

With over 1.5 Million Twitch Streamers across the whole site platform, it’s often hard to come across a streamer who is both entertaining in gameplay and chat interaction. That’s nothing you have to worry about when you come across Kyente. His story is a true story of a “Twitch Success” – and his story has just begun. Previously to Twitch, Kyente spent his days working in Finance helping people with their retirement which “bored him to death.” Pair that with his past experiences in acting while in Toronto and you understand exactly where his entertainment aspect comes from. Kyente’s love of singing and dancing has evolved him into a daily act on Twitch that has kept many captivated with the desire to only see where his antics will lead.

Kyente doesn’t come alone in his Stream, since his regular streaming began in May of 2014, he’s brought the company of his supportive girlfriend, Bunheadwhat, and his female rabbit named Mister. Kyente states that the belief and help from Bun has been a cornerstone in his success. Her support and stream management has allowed him to achieve the success he has gained in his two years of Streaming. After 2 years of streaming, Kyente brought his entertainment value over to Noble eSports and has never looked back, becoming one of the most diverse streamers on the team.

The Head Of Live Media, Stokes, commented: “There honestly isn’t a day where Kyente does something that doesn’t keep you on your toes. Whether he’s off on one of his incredible tangents, his unique gameplay, or his dancing antics – he will never fail to provide constant entertainment to everyone watching. He’s one of the few that can pair gameplay and true entertainment. It’s been nothing short of an honor to watch him continuously growing and evolving with each passing stream.”

We caught up with Kyente to get some insight on his stream.

When did you start streaming and what inspired you to start?
I started streaming when I moved back from Toronto and was in school to become a Financial Planner. I realized that if I couldn’t dedicate my whole time to acting I needed to find another creative outlet for me otherwise I would go crazy! I saw summit1g streaming (I was extremely into CSGO) and knew instantly that this is something I could sink my teeth into. I had no intentions on making this a career and just thought this was a way for me to express myself while I was in school and working in finance. Being completely business all day then I could go home, sit down and go back to who I am. That is why I started streaming.

What Games Do You Currently Play / Plan on Playing in the Future?
GTA V, Astroneer, Euro Truck Simulator 2, The Culling

What is your Favorite Game?
Currently my favourite game is Astroneer because it is fresh and new! But favourite game of all time would most likely be Super Mario World.

Have you ever played Competitive eSports Titles Before? If so, What titles? What’s your best accomplishment in these titles?
I played CS:GO competitively in the most amateur sense. I played a season of CEVO with my friends and we came in dead last which to me is an accomplishment. No one remembers the middle ranked people. Played with another team in CEVO and ESEA for another season and did much better but still didn’t win.

Also I am the self-proclaimed #1 Cookie Clicker in the world.

What is your Current Streaming Setup?
I run a 2 pc-setup. Gaming PC is a GTX 1070 with an i7 4790k with a 144hz monitor. My stream pc is a GTX 780 with an i7 6700k and the original 1080p Dell monitor I got when I received my first computer for my Birthday. I have an Audio Technica AT2020 XLR with a Behringer X1204USB and Shure 215SE in ear monitors for my headphones.

My keyboard and mouse is a Corsair K70 RGB and a Steelseries Rival 300. I have two Logitech C920s so I can use one for me and have one for my rabbit Mister. Shes the real star.

What is your advice to aspiring Streamers?
Whether you have 1 viewer or 1000, those people are taking time out of their day to watch you. Don’t forget that.

Noble eSports?
One the top 10 best things that happened in 2016. From the very beginning, I felt welcomed and accepted and have gained friendships through Noble. They helped me so much throughout the year and already in 2017 helping me grow further!

Are there any additional things you’d like to say?
Thank you so much to Noble eSports for being the best organization ever! Thank you to my amazing girlfriend Bunheadwhat for believing in me when no one else did.

Kyente will be representing Canada and Noble eSports on the Front Page Of Twitch, every Friday until February 10th from 2pm to 4pm EST.

Be sure to check out Kyente’s streams Everyday except Wednesday @ 1pm CST.

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