March 27, 2017

Streamer Spotlight : Squigglepoof

It’s Morphin’ Time – A term used by the Power Rangers to morph into their upgraded form to overcome the obstacles in their way.

2016 proved to be the year of people overcoming obstacles. Whether it be The Golden State Warriors losing their 3-1 lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers, The Cleveland Indians losing their 3-1 lead to the Chicago Cubs or the Atlanta Falcons ultimately falling to the New England Patriots after a 28-3 advantage, the one thing we’ve learned in the past year is to never give up. Our own Power Rangers Yellow Ranger, has felt the pressure of giving up but ultimately made the strides to overcoming the obstacles in her path to come out on the winning side of the negative effects that come with streaming.

I did want to quit streaming. This was back in July of 2016. I had been streaming for almost a full year dedicating a lot of time into my stream. I’m ashamed now of thinking so negatively on myself and that I let so many negative emotions get to me. I often compared myself to other streamers who started streaming around the same time as me or even after and wondered why they had such a huge following base and why they were partnered and I’m here getting 10 viewers a stream with hardly anyone talking in chat. I questioned myself and wondered why my stream wasn’t growing, why does it seem like everyone is going somewhere except me, and why it hasn’t happened to me. Truth being, it doesn’t just happen. Comparing myself now to then, I was really putting a very minimal effort into my stream. It took me a moment to really gather myself and decide: is this what you really want or not? I sat down, researched a lot of what makes a content creator successful, what should I be doing differently, what needs to be changed and how will I do this. I revamped my stream, redid all the graphics to look more professional, and streamed every single night. It didn’t happen right away, but I noticed a difference right away when I started to put my all into streaming.Squigglepoof

There are many streamers out there who feel the negative mindset that comes with starting out as a streamer on Twitch. Many see others and want to compare themselves to another streamer in hopes to reach the same level of success that they have. Truth is, you can’t compare yourself and rather need to focus on yourself. Focus on the things you want to accomplish and work towards those goals. There is no streamer on Twitch that won’t say that streaming doesn’t come with stress and mindset issues. Streaming doesn’t come easy and it’s often shown from those who begin and ultimately give up. Something she often had to remind herself was your value as a content creator is not tied to the amount of money you make, the type of numbers you get on your videos, the type of numbers you get when you stream, the amount of followers you have, how many likes you get on social media. That is not a reflection on you as a content creator. What reflects you is how you handle yourself, how much effort you put into your content, and the drive you have to be successful. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your numbers change because there are thousands of people just like you wanting the same thing. Find out how you can improve and some things you can do differently to stand out.

I read an article talking about the 3 P’s of Success: Passion, Patience, and Perseverance. Keep fighting and never give up. I know that the pressure sometimes takes over, but know that it is possible and it is never too late.Squigglepoof

Since joining Noble eSports’ Stream Team in August of 2016, Squigglepoof has proved to be a valuable asset to the team bringing her infectious personality that has shown to be an asset to building one of the most supportive communities on Twitch. From her time on set of the “Power Rangers” to creating her own personal Graphics for herself or for free to other Twitch personalities, Squiggle has always remained dedicated to anything that she decides to do. If she has a goal, she works towards that goal until it is complete: a mindset that you need when wanting to be a full-time streamer on Twitch.

She is very passionate about what she does, always trying to improve. Since the day I met her she told me it was her dream to become a full time streamer. She has been adamant about making a career out of streaming and its been amazing to watch how she has grown as a streamer over the past 2 years. From improving the overall quality of the stream to building an interactive and fun community. – Penguin, viewer.

We took some time to catch up with Squigglepoof and get some insight on her views as a streamer and twitch personality.

When Did You Start Streaming and what initially inspired you to start streaming on Twitch?
My first stream was actually in 2012 playing Guild Wars 2! I was still pretty young and knew nothing about Twitch, so I received a lot of trolling that made me leave after a month. I made a full come back August 2015. I originally started streaming after stumbling on Pokket’s stream. She was very kind and it was always fun watching her stream, so my dad got me a webcam and a mic and I started streaming myself.

What Got you Into Gaming?
Coming from a family of gamers and sci-fi lovers, it was pretty easy to get into gaming. I played games like Everquest, Baldur’s Gate, and Dark Ages of Camelot with my parents while I was growing up. I started playing FPS games when I got my very first xbox! I played through all the Halo’s and Gears of War games with my sister and eventually started playing Call of Duty.

What is your Favorite Game?
My all time favorite game is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It’s kind of an older game, but one of the best storylines ever.

What Games Do You Currently Play / Plan on Playing in the Future?
I play a lot of different games, but my main games are H1Z1 and Guild Wars 2. I’ve also been playing Mass Effect to celebrate the release of Andromeda! Counter-Strike will always have a special place in my heart. I enjoyed losing thousands in gambling. Kappa.

Have you ever played Competitive eSports Titles Before?
I have actually never played Competitive eSports before. The closest thing I’ve gotten is playing wagers for Black Ops and occasionally the Noble H1 team carries me. Thanks Spiritsz.

How would you describe your community?
Honestly, I have never met more encouraging and inspiring people. I’ve always aimed to have a community that spreads positivity and we have done just that! I’ve been complimented a few times because of my community and how kind everyone is. I am forever grateful.

I have never seen a streamer so entwined with their viewers. Ariel puts the perfect personal twist on professionalism. The honesty and pure authenticity that she radiates gives everyone the warm and fuzzies. You see her emotions and feel them alongside her. Whether it’s fear, humility, love, sadness, happiness, it pours from her soul into yours. ARIEL NUMBAA JUAN. – AshxHolio, viewer

What is your Current Streaming Set-Up?
I have 2 monitors, ASUS VG248 and ASUS MX279. I named my PC Peter with a Intel Core i7-4790K 4.00Ghz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, and 16GB of RAM!! I have the HyperX Cloud II headset, Logitech C920 Webcam, Challenger Prime keyboard, and an IBUYPOWER mouse.

What is your advice to aspiring Streamers?
Put value into your work, be grateful for what you have and love what you do. Never stop educating yourself on what you can do to improve, and have fun!

What are your personal streaming goals for the future?
I’ve always put my all into my stream and worked hard to be successful. My short term goal is to get partnered with Twitch! My long term goal is to inspire and help those who want to be a content creator.

You’ve been very vocal about Noble eSports, what are your feelings towards the team?
Well… I wouldn’t describe it to be the worst experience ever… Kappa. It’s one of the best teams on Twitch! Everyone is so kind to each other and I have met some of the most amazing people on Twitch because of Noble!  Thank you Stokes for all the hard work you put in and the encouragement you’ve given me. You’re “aiight”.

Are there any additional things you’d like to say?
Thank you Noble for all the things you’ve done. You’re all amazing and I’m forever thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this org. I also want to say thank you to all the amazing people I have met through Twitch. I really would be lost without you. Special thank you PisforPenguin, Obixbam, Crita48, and AshxHolio. You kept me going through some of the hardest times.

Since joining Noble, Ariel has been a true asset to the team. Her value to the brand is second to none – she takes pride in the organization and interacts extremely well with other members of the team. In terms of streaming, since the start, I don’t think anyone has improved their content creation over that time period as much as she has. She’s grown such an amazing amount as a streamer whether it’s constantly improving her stream quality, equipment, interaction, and honestly everything involved. Ariel has been on the rise since she came on board and I couldn’t be more pleased with everything she’s done. Her personality is one you can’t help but be drawn to, her interaction is amazing, and her general core values are something every streamer should aim for. She brings you in and genuinely cares about every person she comes across. Her future is very bright and I’m glad that we get to share that journey with her along the way.  – Stokes, Head of Live Media for Noble eSports

Be sure to check out Squigglepoof on her Twitch Monday – Saturday at 8PM EST.

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