April 18, 2018

Streamer Spotlight – Veinotte

Readers, we’d like to welcome you to the first entry in our newest video series!

If you’ve been following our content regularly, it’s likely that you are familiar with our Streamer Spotlights. In each post for the Spotlights, we highlight each member of our stream team to present their backgrounds, their approaches to streaming and so on. You can look up this post featuring Emerild for an example.

For this next Spotlight, however, we’re shifting gears. We’re bringing you a full-length video that introduces another of our streamers: Brandyn Veinotte, a full-time streamer residing in Toronto, Ontario. Like your average 90’s kid, he grew up starting his gaming career with a console that holds a large place in many gamers’ hearts today, specifically the Nintendo 64. However, it was not until his acquisition of an Xbox 360 that he started to feel a pull towards competitive gaming.

Originally a Halo enthusiast, he is currently spending his time achieving mastery of Fortnite, a title that has taken the entire gaming community by storm and is already exploding into a sensation in today’s era of esports.

In the video included below, Veinotte dives into his history with gaming and how it led him to devoting his time towards streaming. Aspiring streamers will also be treated to advice on how best to approach the craft.

Check out his Streamer Spotlight and enjoy!

Many thanks to Veinotte for participating in our opening entry for the Streamer Spotlight video series! For those wishing to tune in to his streams, please follow him at www.twitch.tv/veinotte! For Twitter users, follow him at .

Please stay tuned to our website for future Streamer Spotlights as they are added, and don’t forget to follow all of our pages too!

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