August 15, 2016

Streamer Spotlight – Virtus

When did you start streaming?
I started streaming in like… 2012. I started streaming seriously early 2015, and a lot more often early 2016.

What got you into Streaming?
Watching League of Legends streams way back in like 2011 sparked my interest but I didn’t have a good enough computer until when I started streaming seriously in early 2015.

What games do you currently play?
Overwatch, CSGO, WoW

What games are you looking forward to?

WoW: Legion.. About it for me, currently.

What your favorite game of all time?

Warcraft 3 custom games or Counter-Strike 1.6
What do you like to do besides streaming?
Honestly I just love listening to music & singing, something people might not know about me, I was in choir for around 10 years but I’m still shy about my voice >.>

What’s your current streaming setup?
Dual PC setup, really old beat up computer as the stream PC but it does it’s job. Main PC is a 4790k, GTX 970, 16GB Ram, Liquid cooling, all the good stuff. :}

Have you every played competitive (esports) before? if so, what titles? How far did you get?
Counter-Strike 1.6 CAL-premier; Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ESEA-invite (very short term) ESEA-premier

What’s your advice to aspiring streamers

HAVE FUN. Something I use to, and still do struggle with, is I tend to look at numbers when I’m streaming. In terms of viewers/subs/followers etc. Just do what you can, and they’ll come to you gradually :}

Any additional things you’d like to say?

I’d love to see some new faces in my stream, always makes me happy! I started out as a streamer in League of Legends, then moved to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and now I’m playing Overwatch.. It’s been a long road & I hope you guys stop by and enjoy!

Whats your steam schedule times/days.. and social media

My schedule is kind of all over the place due to playing Overwatch on a team right now, but temporarily my schedule is *TENTATIVELY* Mon-Fri (sometimes Sat/Sun) starting around 6PM PDT.

Twitch: https://www.