January 3, 2019

Noble welcomes Travic626!

You may have noted our tweet about Travic626’s participation in a Magic The Gathering tournament by MTG Arena last Friday.

Yes, your suspicions are spot on. As a strong start to the new year, Noble is taking the dive into MTG esports alongside Travic!

Originally from New Jersey, Travic currently resides in Virginia Beach as a regular streamer and participant in MTG events. Having dabbled in card games – particularly MTG – since his childhood years, Travic kick-started his competitive journey in Warhammer 40K. Within a few weeks, he’d amassed a win streak so consistent that the competition quickly became scarce, and so he’d turned his attention towards MTG.

At the start of December, Wizards of the Coast announced that they were investing a whopping ten million dollars into competitive MTG for the 2019 season. This circuit will span tabletop and digital events that consist of the following: the MTG Pro League, an invitational at PAX East (March 28-31, 2019) called the $1 Million Mythic Invitational, the 2019 Mythic Championships, and a series of partner tournament events. Further details are available at magic.wizards.com.

As such, Noble Travic will be competing regularly in events hosted by MTG Arena with the hopes of being counted among the best! He is currently included among the top 1% of competitors participating via online events.

Upon his entrance into the organization, we’d asked Travic to share some details regarding the pursuit of his passion for MTG in recent years.

“I played Magic a lot as a kid,” the MTG competitor said. “A couple years ago I was pretty bored with gaming and wanted to find a hobby outside. This was years before I started streaming so I was at my local card and hobby shop and actually started with Warhammer 40k. Believe it or not, after a couple of weeks of being competitive with it and no-one wanting to play me anymore for winning the weekly events, I needed a new game so I started playing Magic.”

One experience he fondly recalls from his time in competitive MTG is his victory at a Modern 1K event hosted by his local games store. Using a strategy he calls “Scapeshift,” Travic secured himself a clean victory for which his prize would be the opportunity to make the journey to TwitchCon 2018, a yearly convention that celebrates the monumental evolution of the Twitch TV streaming service.

“My experience was pretty sweet,” he stated when asked about his experience at TwitchCon. “I got to play one of my Magic idols in the Top 8 of the event. A player named Darrel Ayers who was the founding father of Scapeshift.”

Travic also took a moment to shine a spotlight on his plans for 2019 as a streamer and MTG competitor.

“Streaming has always been about fun and interaction for me,” he said. “I never actually wanted to make it a full time thing until I was laid off about three weeks ago. With Magic though, I feel like I might be able to do this full time. My goal with streaming is to be fun and interactive. I was never the best at any game so I always made it about making my viewers feel welcomed, make them just smirk and smile. I want them to feel like they are sitting next to me while I play the game.”

“Magic stated they are putting over 10 million into competitive events,” he added when asked about the upcoming MTG Pro League in 2019. “I would love to see how well I fare with that. Streaming Magic has also been a fantastic experience for me. My viewership has gone through the roof. Currently I am in the top 1% of players on MTG Arena.”

Travic expressed a great deal of enthusiasm when asked about starting his latest chapter in competitive MTG alongside Noble Esports, as this latest arrangement also marks the organization’s first steps into an esports scene for a TCG (trading card game).

“I am really excited for it actually. When Maze and the team approached me, I was all about it. A lot of teams haven’t really been stepping foot into the MTG Scene so if I get to first and hit the ground running…well, let’s just say I plan on doing everything in my power to make this work and make a name for myself and the team.”

We are incredibly eager to join Travic on his journey through competitive MTG! If you are as well, you can follow Travic’s participation in MTG events at his Twitch channel, twitch.tv/Travic626 as well as on twitter .

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