Noble embodies an overall team first mentality community with two raid programs included, currently both raid a 2-day schedule at 7-10 PM Server Time (CST) on the server Mal’Ganis for the Horde.

Every member share the same goal progressing each raid tier as fast as possible through mastery of their class, being prepared to progress, and commitment to growth as a team.

Progression can be difficult, and can only be made easier by pulling your own weight and assisting your teammates as best you can.


Friendly Atmosphere

All members show respect towards others and their opinions, with open communication. Elitist mindsets and being an unreasonable teammate is not welcome.

If conflicts or disagreements of any sort exist, open productive discourse or coaching is the only avenue teammates should take to get past obstacles together.

Strong Leadership

Our leadership has over a decade of experience that will help assist the journey of becoming better versions of each other in-game and out.

Everyone will take suggestions and concerns very serious to allow forward progression at all times.

Support System

We try our best to make people feel welcomed with constant conversations to ensure that nobody feels unwanted or not important.

Understanding that everyone plays the game to unplug from the real world, we want to help alleviate that out-of-game pressure.

Helpful Players

Whether you are looking to join a raid team, mythic plus group, battlegrounds, arena's or just need someone to do those good ole world quests with, our community helps everyone as much as possible.

Raid Ready

Everyone is expected to understand what is needed to do without the need for a rudimentary list of “rules” or “expectations.” Guild repairs, consumables and such are covered for every progression night.