April 4, 2016

XenoTek Joins Noble for Vainglory!

Noble e-Sports, LLC  is a North American media entertainment brand. Noble is known for their presence in esports with dedicated competitive players and talented content creators, but that’s not all.

With the organization having such great success with their CS:GO, Rocket League and Mortal Kombat teams, it’s time for their Vainglory team to do the same.

Noble e-Sports welcomes Pro-Player “XenoTek” to their roster. With their newly acquired talent,  Noble is confident they will do extremely well in the upcoming season of VGL.

“With XenoTek’s past accomplishments and ability to field amazing teams, we are extremely excited to work with him this coming season and beyond not only to establish Noble as a force to be reckoned with in Vainglory, but within the community as a whole” – Noble_Recon, Founder of Noble e-Sports, LLC

“XenoTek” is a well versed player in League of Legends, he is also a full-time streamer on Twitch.  Once he became a high tier player in League of Legends – he decided to put his talents towards a new game, Vainglory.  Within a matter of days “Xenotek” had reached high tier levels, just as he did with LoL – as he continued to play, and sharpened his skills, he had reached pro-status.

“I am a full-time Twitch partnered streamer, I love to share my knowledge with my viewers in order to help everyone get better, while making a community that will last.” – “XenoTek” Vainglory Pro-Player

As he can play every role in the game “Xenotek”  enjoys playing the laning role. The current team Xenotek has built for Spring Season of VGL will be playing under the name Noble e-Sports, and consists of:

  • Capt. XenoTek (Laner) , Hung1895 (Jungle), El-Riesgo (Support),  With Subs: FrostMagic, uNi, hsanchez

The future with Noble and I looks really bright, I feel that we have similar goals and I hope to see them explode into the Vainglory scene. They understand that I’m a streamer as well as a competitive player and they support it to the fullest. It’s more than I could ask for.” – “Xentotek” Vainglory Pro-Player

For more information on the organization you can follow Noble e-Sports social media channels:

XenoTek – Twitch

Noble e-Sports, LLC – Twitch

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