January 31, 2018

Prodigy Joins Noble!

We are thrilled to welcome another member into our Madden division: Michael “Prodigy” Scott!

The Californian native has stood among the best of the best in the growing circuit for Madden esports. He finished off 2017 on a high note with a collection of Top 5 placings across several high-profile events that took place across the country. Results include a 3rd Place finish at the Madden ’18 Challenge, 5th Place in the Madden ’18 Classic Online Elimination Stage, 2nd at the Millennial Esports Madden ’18 November Challenger and 5th at the September Challenger.

As a result of his efforts, he and previously announced SteveyJ are locked in for the Madden Ultimate League, which kicks off next month. The Ultimate League is considered the pinnacle of the Madden Championship Series, where only the strongest Madden players will meet each year. Up to sixteen competitors will be divided into two conferences, each of which will have two groups of four competitors. All players will partake in a ten-game season to qualify for the Top 12 in a single-elimination bracket, where the champion will be crowned!

Full information on the Ultimate League can be found here.

With the Ultimate League not far off, it will be the first event where Prodigy will represent Noble in Madden esports! We congratulate him for his qualification and wish him the best of luck!

As a look back over his road to the Ultimate League, let’s look at two of his toughest matches from the Madden ’18 Challenge and the Las Vegas Challenger Tourney. The first clip below features his game against one of the Grand Finalists for the Madden ’18 Challenge, Drini.

The follow-up clip features Prodigy taking on the eventual champion of the Madden ’18 Las Vegas Tourney, BeastModeMac.

For more updates on his endeavors, follow him at his Twitter () as well as our own ()!