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Join us for #NobleGameChanger charity event this weekend!

This weekend starting tomorrow, Noble’s stream team will join forces with GameChanger once again to host a charity event. As a celebration for the Gamers Give Back Tour hosted by GameChanger in November 2016, members of the Noble stream team


Streamer Spotlight – Veinotte

Readers, we’d like to welcome you to the first entry in our newest video series! If you’ve been following our content regularly, it’s likely that you are familiar with our Streamer Spotlights. In each post for the Spotlights, we highlight


Streamer Spotlight – Emerild

“Always cheerful, always authentic… Always Em. If you are looking for a stream to have a good time, this is your streamer. She is always seeking new ways to improve the stream and entertain her audience sometimes playing along the


Noble and GameChanger Join Forces

In November of 2016 Noble joined forces alongside GameChanger to host a charity weekend to benefit their Gamers Give Back Tour. During that weekend various members of the Noble Stream Team, including Lokiriko, Pure Dreaming, Kyente, Pootie33, Mizz Skrillex, Squigglepoof,


Streamer Spotlight : Ms Jewel

Webster defines a Jewel as “a precious stone” so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ms. Jewel keeps up the reputation as precious. Since joining Noble eSports in April Ms. Jewel has become a precious member of the team


Twitch Etiquette

It’s been no surprise that with Twitch rolling out all their recent new updates of the past few months (Custom Cheermotes, 1080p Streaming Quality, Twitch Desktop App, Twitch Crates and the Twitch Affiliate Program) that there has been more incentive


Streamer Spotlight : Squigglepoof

It’s Morphin’ Time – A term used by the Power Rangers to morph into their upgraded form to overcome the obstacles in their way. 2016 proved to be the year of people overcoming obstacles. Whether it be The Golden State


Streamer Spotlight : Pure Dreaming

Caturday – (Internet slang) Saturday, as the day of the week for posting lolcats Since joining Noble eSports’ Stream Team in June 2016, Kayla or Pure Dreaming has been bringing the joy and entertainment of Caturday’s to everyone involved in the


Streamer Spotlight : SlyyyPanda

When asked what exactly makes a “good streamer” some of the words and phrases that come up are: interactive, good gameplay, talkative, and consistent. These are just a few things that accurately describe Noble’s own SlyyyPanda. The definition of a


Streamer Spotlight – Kyente

With over 1.5 Million Twitch Streamers across the whole site platform, it’s often hard to come across a streamer who is both entertaining in gameplay and chat interaction. That’s nothing you have to worry about when you come across Kyente. His