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Noble bids farewell to Tweedy and iLuusions

With a heavy heart, Noble parts ways with two of its shining stars from the Netherrealm Studios community. Since his induction into the organization, Tweedy has proven himself to be an example of how far determination can take a competitor.

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Noble welcomes Rewind!

We are kicking off 2018 with an amazing addition to our NRS division! Originally from the HARA crew (which would be rebranded as Coalition at a later time), Rewind has been a dominant force throughout all of the Kombat Cup


Results from October 2017

As we depart Halloween and take another step closer to Thanksgiving, Team Noble would like to take you guys on a stroll down memory lane as we recall our results from the weekend of October 20-22nd, which saw an intense

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Noble Dragon wins the #WarOfTheGods Season Finale!

It’s our absolute pleasure to announce that Noble Dragon has taken the victory in last weekend’s season finale for War of the Gods, a competitive Injustice 2 circuit brought to you by Stream.Me and powered by Gauntlet.GG! The season finale

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Noble prepares for the #WarOfTheGods Season Finale!

Today, tune in at 4 P.M. Eastern Time to watch an immensely stacked bracket for the season finale to StreamMe’s War of the Gods series! For ten weeks, hundreds of players signed up to acquire league points, which would be

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IPS Finals Wrap-Up

Over at Los Angeles last weekend, Team Noble had the pleasure of watching three of its players hold their own against the best of the best in the Injustice 2 Pro Series finals. Since the game was launched, players have


Results from August 25-27

The weekend of August 25-27 marked one of Team Noble’s busiest times thus far in 2017. Eleven of our players were spread out across four events to compete not just in fighting games, but in PUBG, a shooting title that

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Noble Says Farewell

It is with sadness that Noble parts ways with a portion of its roster as we head into the later half of esports for 2017. BeyondToxin joined with the team in the early half of 2016 while competing for his

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FGC Results from SJXI & GSHH

Our team has performed admirably at both Summer Jam XI and the Hometown Heroes Regional Finals last weekend! First off, we’re happy to congratulate Noble Tweedy for becoming Atlanta’s Hometown Hero! His victory earns him a spot in the Heroic

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Interview with Noble Dragon

We’d like to present a series of interviews featuring the team’s fighting game community. First in line is our EVO 2017 champion for Injustice 2 – the young Noble Dragon himself! Fresh off his ultimate triumph in Las Vegas last