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BOOM! Entering Guns of Boom!

As sort of a new year’s resolution, Noble has taken an interest in exploring the more recent additions to esports competition around the globe. Though we’d started primarily with an FGC lineup in the middle of the decade, the organization


Noble welcomes Travic626!

You may have noted our tweet about Travic626’s participation in a Magic The Gathering tournament by MTG Arena last Friday. Yes, your suspicions are spot on. As a strong start to the new year, Noble is taking the dive into


Recap: November – December 2018

Happy Holidays, readers! We are back with our second newsletter! 2019 is just around the corner so we at Noble want to close out the year with a look back at some of our fondest memories. The hype train has


Best Wishes, Rainbow Six!

In March 2018, we entered into the Rainbow Six Pro League, hosted by Ubisoft and ESL, via the signing of our R6 lineup. Though our roster has undergone a series of changes since then, one aspect has not: the ever-evolving


Recap: October – November 2018

Happy Holidays to all of our readers! Thanksgiving has officially ended but we hope you filled up on enough turkey and mashed potatoes, but if not, here’s something to dig in to. We’d like to give our share of thanks


Noble bids farewell to Tweedy and iLuusions

With a heavy heart, Noble parts ways with two of its shining stars from the Netherrealm Studios community. Since his induction into the organization, Tweedy has proven himself to be an example of how far determination can take a competitor.


Noble welcomes Hambino and WIIll

Ready for more chicken dinners, PubG players?! We sure are! We’re happy to announce that Sam “Hambino” Brown and Will “WIIll” Sims will be joining Boom and Edakulous on the Noble PubG roster! Near the end of 2016, Will launched

Islands of Nyne

Noble Drops Into The Dome, Player!

Noble is happy to announce that we have signed our three-player roster for Islands of Nyne, the latest battle royale title that released on early access as of July 12th! Please welcome the following to the arena: Noah “Hirshey” Hirschfield


Join us for #NobleGameChanger charity event this weekend!

This weekend starting tomorrow, Noble’s stream team will join forces with GameChanger once again to host a charity event. As a celebration for the Gamers Give Back Tour hosted by GameChanger in November 2016, members of the Noble stream team


Noble Races Into Forza!

We are happy to expand into the racing genre and the driver is blasting onto the racetrack all the way from Germany – Robin “b0x” Betka! Please be sure to give a follow on Twitter b0x is currently ranked